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For the last few days, the searchers have been using robotic devices to explore rather than descending themselves. Fish's company uses a very low-light camera hung from a boat to inspect the quarry bottom; it has also used acoustic equipment to map the the quarry's 40, square feet. When they zero in on the body -- or bodies -- divers will be sent to recover it.

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That is what happened on the day before Thanksgiving, when the male body was brought up. It belonged to Patrick McDonagh, a year-old student who had been missing since a night of drinking that ended at the quarry in As the body came up, Mr. McDonagh's relatives stood at the quarry's lip and watched, and they said later that there was a certain relief in finally knowing his fate.

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Hammond, with his wife, was there, too. He has yet to learn such relief. His daughter, Karen, mother of two daughters, now 5 and 7, disappeared in January , when she was Since then, Mr.

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Hammond has put up thousands of posters offering a reward and the promise of ''no conviction'' for word of her whereabouts. He has tried his best, he said, to run down any leads he could, even checking trash bins when a rumor reached him that she had been dismembered. He does not know if the body in the quarry is hers, but he will be coming every day until it is found again, he said.

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Jeffrey Locke, the Norfolk County District Attorney who is overseeing the murder investigation behind the dive, seems to come to the quarry every day as well. He will say almost nothing about the murder case, but its basic outline has been reported in local newspapers. The ancient divines were accustomed to call despair one of the seven deadly sins It well deserves this character.

It is directly contrary to the will of God. He, we are told, taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, and hope in His mercy.

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He must, therefore, be displeased with them that refuse to do this. It is also a great insult to the character of God. It calls in question the truth of His word; nay, it gives Him the lie; for He has told us that whosoever cometh to Him He will in no wise cast out. It calls in question, or rather denies the greatness of His mercy.

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It also limits the power of God. Henry Koster. Reginald Le Borg.

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Lorna Vecchi, the too young wife of wealthy Giuseppe Vecchi, finds young, upstart boxer Johnny Flanagan enticing Presented by Joseph Lim. Norman Foster.

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Nicholas Ray. Based on a Dorothy Hughes novel, and starring Humphry Bogart as Dixon Steele, a writer suspected of murder, and Gloria Grahame as Laurel, who falls under Dix's spell and provides an alibi for murder.

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