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With the freeway gridlocked, Ray exits the expressway and cuts through a poor residential neighborhood.

Teddy also has a paper bag filled with stolen drug money. The foursome notice a police car, which they rush after for help. Suddenly Ray is sideswiped by a Cadillac, which leaves his RV hopelessly stuck in a narrow alleyway.

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Moments later, three hoods - Rhodes Everlast , Travis, and Sykes Peter Greene - force their way into the RV; they drag Teddy outside, without yet noticing his four would-be-rescuers. Fallon Denis Leary , a local crime lord for whom the hoods work - and from whom Teddy stole the money - shows up. He kills Teddy, and then notices the RV's other four occupants The Wyatt brothers and both of their friends escape through the front windshield of the RV, which is now on fire. Mike, Ray, and the Wyatts are chased by Fallon's hoods into a railyard. They hide in an old streetcar which several bums are using for a homeless shelter.

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The bums demand payment, or they'll alert Fallon to the presence of his quarry The hoods overhear one of the homeless men freaking out, and recognize Mike's jacket. While Ray and Mike flee along with the Wyatt brothers, Fallon massacres several bums before noticing his mistake. He also discovers where Frank lives, by taking his wallet off a slaughtered bum. Taking refuge in an apartment building, the four friends are noticed by some local kids who unfortunately are on Fallon's payroll.

Mike, Ray, and the Wyatt brothers look for a phone to contact the police; alas, the tenants are too scared of Fallon to help. They approach a woman who is throwing out her garbage and convince her to let them in. She has a young daughter and another adult woman in the apartment. They call the police, but they are taking too long to come.

Sure enough, Fallon's henchmen soon barge into the building - kicking open doors and gunning down everybody they see. He proceeds to pull a gun on his friends and threatens to kill them if they leave. Mike is very shocked and angry to learn that he had a gun this entire time, and is now pulling it on them. Ray sobs and is talked into giving the gun to Frank. The woman tells the four friends that there is an escape route to another building.

Judgment Night

They leave as Fallon and his gang are terrorizing the other tenants. Mike and both of the Wyatts use a ladder as a bridge so that they can cross over to another rooftop. Ray, who has a phobia of heights, can't bring himself to follow. Instead, he attempts to bargain for his life with the promise of money to Fallon - who instead kills Ray by throwing him off the roof.

The trio are chased into the sewers by Fallon and his henchmen. At one point, Mike says that they have to stop running, take a stand, and fight. Armed with pipes, they wait for the bad guys in the sewer.

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Sykes, Fallon's aide-de-camp , almost shoots Mike. The three then climb out of the sewer. Meanwhile, Mike berates John for almost getting him killed back in the sewer. They then take refuge in an abandoned building. John cries that he is scared. Frank tries to console him.

They see a bus and try to flag the driver down, but she refuses to stop. This prompts Mike to start shooting at the bus.

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Mike punches Frank. With : Frank Wyatt Emilio Estevez Mike Peterson Cuba Gooding Jr. Denis Leary John Wyatt Stephen Dorff Ray Cochran Jeremy Piven Sykes Peter Greene Rhodes Erik Schrody Travis Michael Wiseman. He was released shortly [ Occupying a space somewhere between fiction and documentary, the film tells the [ The song was unfortunately timely.

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Starting July 4, MoviePass will be out of commission for the next several weeks — at least — with the struggling theater-subscription service provider saying it needs to fix technical issues and finish work on a new version of its app. There was also a hint that the money-losing MoviePass business is running low on [ It is also a wholly preposterous, muddled, paranoid's view of the inner-city nightmare where the slightest misstep is sure to have a fateful result.

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