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Articles Cited by. East European politics and societies 10 3 , , The Slavic and East European Journal 42 4 , , Sustainable Futures for Higher Education, , Articles 1—20 Show more. Help Privacy Terms. Language, nationalism and the Yugoslav successor states RD Greenberg Language, ethnicity and the state, , In the aftermath of Yugoslavia's collapse: The politics of language death and language birth R Greenberg.

From Serbo-Croation to Montenegrin? Taking the magazine in my hands, I've seen an article about an uncanny significance between an Ethiopian and this ancient Slavic script invented by a Greek monk that you wouldn't have probably heard about There were just a few paragraphs about it written by some Croat who drives around the world in the car or something like that that part of the article didn't much interest me This was a magazine about cars.

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My brother's magazine about cars Last time I've read something really interesting about linguistics was in a bloody car magazine?!!! What is this world coming to? For example into how he is so amazed to see people kneeling. It must mean something! I'm sure that the linguists that hosted this guy will be really happy that he describes them like they're monkeys in a zoo. They're kneeling on a grave of a linguist? How extraordinary!! Have you ever heard of the orthodox and catholic religion?!

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People kneel when they pray because Well, why do you do what you do? Why anyone practicing any religion does anything? Show some respect you piece of white trash!

Now, that is what the linguist of the Balkan should have answered to this book They I've read the responses of Serbian and Croatian linguists, I'm not sure are there others , on the other hand, wrote very polite and intelligent responses to this book that will surely interest noone. Guys, you're wasting your time. After all, who wants to read about it?


This guy? He had shown you what he thinks about you, your language and your culture and even your religion for that matter. You're wasting your time, my dear Balkan linguists. Write real books. I'll read them I promise. Even if you only publish it in a fancy edition that coast more than makes sense.

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But please Don't write books in response to this crap. Don't encourage this poor excuse for a linguist. I'll take Robert whatever seriously when he writes a book about linguistics and includes some research into it that is not his personal impressions and btw the history of languages in these areas doesn't start in the 19th century Yeah, right Seriously, what has this world come to? I'm giving up the fancy books and starting to read car magazines. View 1 comment. Aug 11, Christopher rated it really liked it.

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With the fall of Yugoslavia there were not only drastic pushes for distinct Serbian and Croatian languages, but vocal advocates for independent Bosnian and Montenegrin standard languages appeared as well. First, we get an overview of 19th-century relations between Serbs and Croats aiming for a standard language in the age of nationalism.

Then, he talks about the attempts in postwar Yugoslavia to either maintain a compromise Serbo-Croatian language or do away with it and assert a full-on Croatian standard. The bulk of the book consists of separate chapters for the debates over new Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian standard languages since Drawing on scholarly publications and the popular press, Greenberg describes the polemics of language advocates and the competing publications which aim to present new rules for word usage and orthography.

Major personalities and their ties to state authorities or lack thereof are identified. The great downside of the book is that no second edition has appeared to take into account more recent developments. Greenberg was writing as rump Yugoslavia was transforming into the country officially called "Serbia and Montenegro", but shortly after that Montenegro declared its independence, which brought new pressures in language policy a new orthography, for instance.

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The reader will also wonder how further Croatian has gone in drawing on the Cakavian or Kajkavian lexicon to further distinguish standard Croatian from Serbian. Kelly rated it really liked it May 25, Anna H. Katarzyna rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Ivan rated it liked it Oct 26, Maja rated it really liked it Mar 06, Simon rated it really liked it Jan 12, Claire rated it really liked it Feb 09, Nikola Stojisavljevic rated it really liked it Oct 16, Victoria rated it it was amazing May 11, Patrick Baker rated it really liked it Jul 17, Nick rated it really liked it Apr 03, Ivan rated it really liked it Dec 31, Tea rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Clare rated it really liked it Dec 30, Marzi rated it liked it Sep 20, Josip Zulj rated it really liked it Dec 01, Jeremiah Tesch rated it really liked it Nov 30, Clare rated it really liked it Apr 18, Natalie Mauser-carter rated it liked it Nov 16, Robert rated it liked it Nov 24, Stephanie rated it liked it Sep 23, William K.