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Advent Studies.

How relationships are sabotaged by hidden expectations.

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The Five Levels of Intimacy

For a partnership that's close and strong, Marriage will help you and your spouse draw insight from one another and from the other couples in Read description. Go to Basket. If you like this you may also like For a partnership that's close and strong, Marriage will help you and your spouse draw insight from one another and from the other couples in your group to build the kind of close relationship you've always wanted.

Whether you need to stabilize shaky foundations or just want to make a good marriage even better, here's how to - Identify and get the most from you and your partner's different personality traits using a brief, eye-opening self test - Weed out common "romance busters" that drain the excitement from your marriage - Resolve conflicts quickly using a simple three-step peace process - Prevent daily responsibilities from robbing you of real intimacy And more.

Marriage will help you and your mate not only recapture the thrill in your marriage, but also maintain and build upon it to create a satisfying, lasting relationship - the kind God designed you both to enjoy. Interactions - a powerful, challenging tool for building deep relationships between you and your group members, and you and God.

Interactions is far more than another group Bible study. If you are the discussion leader, you will find additional suggestions and helpful ideas in the Leader's Notes. Add to Basket Go to Basket.

Biblical Romance: Physical Intimacy

No problem! Samples of this Book Click here to read a sample from this book. However, research into the relationship between online intimacy and well-being is critically limited.

Marriage: Building Real Intimacy

Our aim is to begin to address this research void by providing an operative perspective on this emerging field. After considering the characteristics of online intimacy, its multimodal components and its caveats, we present an analysis of existing evidence for the potential impact of online intimacy on well-being. We suggest that studies thus far have focused on online social interactions in a general sense, shedding little light on how the level of intimacy in these interactions may affect well-being outcomes.

We then consider findings from studies of different components of intimacy in online social interactions, specifically self-disclosure and social support, to indirectly explore the potential contribution of online intimacy to health and well-being.

Based on this analysis, we propose future directions for fundamental and practical research in this important new area of investigation. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

Intimacy In Marriage: There Are Some Things You Need To Stop Doing

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