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Restless Legs Syndrome. Shift Work. Overview and Facts. Causes and Symptoms. In-Lab Sleep Study. Preparing for a Sleep Study. Home Sleep Apnea Testing. Side Effects. Healthy Sleep Habits. Sleep Disorders by Category.

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Child Insomnia. Short Sleeper. Insufficient Sleep Syndrome.

Why Do People Sleepwalk?

Long Sleeper. Sleep Breathing Disorders. Central Sleep Apnea. Child Sleep Apnea. Infant Sleep Apnea. Circadian Rhythm Disorders. Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase.


Overview and Risk Factors. Diagnosis and Treatment. Advanced Sleep-Wake Phase. Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm. NonHour Sleep-Wake Rhythm. Confusional Arousals.

What to do when your child sleepwalks

Causes and Risk Factors. Sleep Terrors. Sleep Eating Disorder. Sleep Paralysis.

Risk Factors. Sleep Hallucinations. Exploding Head Syndrome. Sleep Talking. Sleep Movement Disorders.

Chronic illness in adolescents

Periodic Limb Movements. Sleep Leg Cramps. Sleep Rhythmic Movement. Symptoms Risk Factors. Healthy Sleep Awareness.

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Patient Support. Disease Detection. The Sleep Team.

Video Archive. That sleep was not a homogenous state of unconsciousness, but instead had frequent, non-pathological arousals and awakenings was a breakthrough in understanding parasomnias Guilleminault et al Over the last 2 decades, reports of complex amnestic nocturnal behaviors have risen in parallel to the widespread use of sedative medications, most notably the benzodiazepine receptor agonists BRAs Dolder and Nelson These cases commonly occur in the setting of often unrecognized restless legs syndrome Howell Sleepwalking episodes captured during polysomnography investigation reveal a transition to wake-like cortical activity on scalp EEG.

Table 1. Recurrent episodes of incomplete awakening from sleep B. Inappropriate or absent responsiveness to efforts of others to intervene or redirect the person during the episode C. Limited or no associative cognition or dream imagery D. Partial or complete amnesia for the episode. The disturbance not better explained by another sleep disorder, mental disorder, medical condition, medication, or substance. The arousals are associated with ambulation and other complex behaviors out of bed. The content you are trying to view is available only to logged in, current MedLink Neurology subscribers.

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Sleepwalking - Overview and Facts

Site license users, click the Site License Acces link on the Homepage at an authorized computer. Home Contents. Irfan of the University of Minnesota has no relevant financial relationships to disclose. Howell of the University of Minnesota received grant support from Apnex and GE and honorariums from Inspire as a panel member. Originally released October 20, ; last updated September 8, ; expires September 8, In This Article Introduction. All rights reserved. Partial or complete amnesia for the episode E.