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Broadway is, after all, a very long way from the Bayou. Yet answering this question means first asking another: How did it start? Projecting authenticity has always been a quintessentially American gift.

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No matter what Franklin said to the most powerful people in France, the face on the snuffbox had just as much influence as the—educated, astute, and highly self-conscious—politician did. Though he may be too blunt or crass at times, he will also never lie—which is perhaps why he remains a standard in American politics to this day, spanning the centuries from Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt to Geroge W. Bush, the millionaire Yale graduate who donned a pair of cowboy boots to clear brush from his Texas ranch.

Outside of politics, he can still give the public what they most crave: a figure they can trust completely. If the public needs to put their trust in someone, it takes very little to win their love, and then their spending power. The show also came along at a time when American viewers needed to believe that immensely profitable companies might be run by men who ate dinner off paper plates and wore dirty hunting boots to work. Other Editions 2.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 27, Crystal Scott rated it it was amazing. The Robertson family has not been ashamed to stand up for what they believe in: family, faith and love. I admire this family for standing up for Christ on national TV and not backing down no matter the consequences.

Alan The Beardless Brother and his wife Lisa had a failing marriage, but with unwavering faith and the love of their family they were able to make it through the tough times. They want to bring couples closer to God and to each other. This devotional encourages the husband and wife to set aside time together each day if possible. Each devotional includes inspirational messages, relevant scriptures, thoughtful questions and prayer suggestions. Being married for 18 years, my husband and I know how hard it has been to spend time with each other and we are always looking for something to help draw us closer to God and to each other.

This devotional has been a great asset to our marriage. A marriage built on Christ is a marriage that will last, honestly look at your marriage and your relationship with God as a triangle, you and your spouse are on the bottom and God is the top, as each of you draw closer to God you will draw closer to each other.

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I highly recommend this devotional to all couples. Thank you to Howard Books for providing me a copy of this book for my honest review. Feb 16, Kathleen Kat Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-self-help , inspirational-non-fiction , reference , religion , christian-living , christian-parenting-resource , bible-study , non-fiction.

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I don't know of anyone who hasn't heard of Duck Dynasty or the Robertson Family. The one thing that may be surprising is that you may not be aware of just how strong faith is in their family and how it is the central core and foundation in all of their lives.

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For most of the family, it didn't always start out that way and faith became something that they found later in life that truly changed their lives for the better such as Al and Lisa Robertson, the authors of The Duck Commander Devotional f I don't know of anyone who hasn't heard of Duck Dynasty or the Robertson Family. For most of the family, it didn't always start out that way and faith became something that they found later in life that truly changed their lives for the better such as Al and Lisa Robertson, the authors of The Duck Commander Devotional for Couples.

Since had just begun, I was looking for something that my husband and I could incorporate into our devotional time to supplement our Bible Study time and hopefully strengthen both our marriage and our faith and thus, was offered this to review which sounded just like what I had been looking for.

Most devotionals are devoted to either a man's point of view or woman's depending on who was writing it and it guides the devotion at times to be one sided at times. This is the first devotional that both my husband and I absolutely loved.

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  • While it is written to be done weekly, we wanted to begin to use it daily and it is designed for however you and your spouse want to incorporate your devotional time. Yet it is so much more than a simple devotional coupled with a scripture verse. Since it is co-written by Al and Lisa Robertson, you get both of their view points on the topic they are discussing, such as what makes you unique as a couple, what are your fears, issues of trust, what love is and isn't, forgiveness, faithfulness, leaving a lasting legacy, dealing with in-laws, being content, working on building intimacy, having a positive attitude, unity, appreciation, anger issues, parenting, humility, submission and respect and so much more all divided into 52 devotional sections.

    The main point is to work together through it as a couple and I can tell you it has truly made our marriage more stronger, built our faith in ways we could never imagine and our communication with one another has improved as well as our prayer life as a couple. No devotional has ever done that for me before in such a profound and remarkable way, I would never want to go back or stop.

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    Included in each devotional section is a little bit about each topic as if you were sitting down with Al and Lisa having a heart to heart talk along with a scripture reference from the Bible on the topic at hand which is called God's Blueprint. In the next section called Home Improvement, there are between questions to provoke a conversation between the two of you about the topic at hand. These were so eye opening to both of us and the part we loved the most.

    It even comes with space for you both to record your thoughts or things you plan on working on to follow up with later to see how God has worked in your life. The section concludes with Team Building where you both spend time praying for your relationship and asking for God to help you both improve on it. Sample prayers are included by both Al and Lisa as a guide to what you might want to include. All of this is included in a hardcover book that I truly believe you both will enjoy.

    I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this book in exchange for my personal and honest evaluation. For me, this is a must have for every married couple or couples who are engaged to incorporate into your relationship early on. It is by far, the best couples devotional that my husband and I have read and we both encourage you to pick this up and give it a try.

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    It might seem awkward at first, but like I stated before, the Home Improvement part of us, gave us such insight into the communication portion of our marriage that we found ourselves really talking about more than simply our kids, jobs or life in general. This is what makes it truly something unique and strengthened our own marriage and thus worthy of all 5 out of 5 stars in our opinion.

    Mar 30, Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing. From the back cover: Write your own love story When couples do things together, good things can happen. But when God is added to the mix, the possibilities are endless: suspicion can turn into trust; tension can become friendship; resentment can transform into forgiveness; even infidelity can grow into intimacy.

    Stars of the popular Duck Dynasty shows, Al and Lisa have more to offer than their celebrity status. Written with busy couples in mind, this year-long devotional is designed to bring couples together once a week, through fifty-two devotions. I think all of us, whether we have been married a long time, a short time or are just considering marriage would have appreciated having a mentor to give us their wisdom and guidance. There are some churches that have Marriage Counseling as part of their ministry and, I believe, that any church that is blessed to have that every couple should take advantage of.

    For those of us that do not have this as part of their churches ministry it is something to pray for but in the meantime Al and Lisa Robertson have written this devotional to help fill that void. The Robertsons have had their experiences and have written this book for the sole purpose of mentoring.